Becoming a Woman of Tableau: Week 2

I have to apologize…I didn’t announce a woman yesterday.

Instead I spent most of the day prepping for Atlanta’s first Data+Women event.


It was an absolutely great start to what I hope turns into a lasting event. We had over 40 attendees (at least 5 of which were men – #HeForShe, right?!). The event started by showing the facts of the gender gap that exists in our country right now. Then, the conversations started. We had three amazing panelist:

  • Wendy Collins
    VP of BI & Analytics @ Turner
  • Christina Beyer
    Director of Events @ Women in Technology (WIT)
  • Karen Hinson
    Lead Analyst @ Chick-fil-a

I mediated the conversation – asking the panel questions. The exciting part was how interactive the audience was. Every other question led the audience to raise their hand to continue the conversation. I had planned for a small group after the panel discussion but the panel discussion ended up becoming our one large group discussion. Afterwards so many people told me they were intending to invite more of their friends & coworkers to the event. It makes me SO happy that the women (and men) in Atlanta are engaged & desiring change.

On that note, the tip of the week:

Engage in your local community.

I am the first one to say that the Tableau online community is so beyond helpful. It’s part of what Tableau such an amazing piece of software. I’m a help-in-your-backyard type of person though, and I believe there are significant benefits to not just engaging in the online community but also engaging in your local TUG, meetups, hackathons, etc. Does your local market not have a TUG set up? START ONE! Does your area not have beneficial meetups in your area? START ONE! Always wanted to do a hackathon? DO ONE! Start engaging your peers locally. Get involved or start a meetup within your own organization – be the thought leadership in your community. While I did a LOT of self-help/learning through the online Tableau community, I know that I really grew and continuously learn because of the network I’ve created in my community. Accountability from others to continue to grow and dare to be different – that’s what I hope I always have in my career and what I know continues to push me to be a better person today than I was yesterday.


The Women of Tableau: Day 06

Day 6 goes to the BI Superhero, Brittany Fong.

Brittany Fong

I really enjoy Brittany’s dashboard designs. She is always choosing interesting stories to tell through data visualization. Brittany was also a speaker at #Fanalytics15, where she gave a tutorial on how to create a viz for Tableau Public. Brittany is always educating the community through her blog. She gives direct and simple instructions to complex topics within Tableau. Brittany was also one of the coordinators for the DC Data+Women meetup. You can really tell she is passionate about the movement and even created a really interesting viz showing the wage inequality gap between men and women based on the city that is selected. Brittany is an excellent storyteller, data designer and great addition to the Tableau community.

The Women of Tableau: Day 05

It’s International Women’s Day, so I think it’s only fitting that today I announce the Tableau/Data Fashionista herself.

Anya A’Hearn

Anya is an inspiration to so many within the Tableau Community. When starting this project, I asked many men within the community who within the community inspires them. Nearly every one said Anya. The responses centered on her selfless nature and passion to help others. I’m currently working on a project with Anya for the Tableau Foundation and can attest to both of those traits. With every call I’m on with Anya, I take mental (and sometimes even physical) notes. She encourages me to be a better consultant and data viz designer with every conversation I have with her. Anya is engaged, available and entertaining at all times.

Her keen sense for design is absolutely stunning. In an interview with Dan Murray, Anya explained that she gets “most of my design cues from the art and fashion world.” The result is breath-taking. Anya engages her audience with beautifully designed visualizations that are helpful and insightful to whatever topic she is focused on.

Anya is very involved in the Tableau community. Most recently, Anya has helped educate the community on how to integrate MapBox within Tableau and was one of the women that helped spearhead the Woman+Data sessions that have been picking up steam throughout the community. I’m not sure there’s an award that Tableau gives out that Anya has not won – she’s quite the decorated Tableau user. She is a current Zen Master, past Iron Viz winner, current Iron Viz judge, Tableau Social Ambassador, Tableau Foundation member, and the list continues to grow. I’m beyond grateful that Anya has invested so much into this community – and has been that pop of pink that the Tableau Community so desperately needs.

The Women of Tableau: Day 04

In the recap last week, I talked about how starting a blog is really key to jumping into the Tableau Community. Today’s woman for the #TableauWomen blog series is a perfect example of how starting a blog is absolutely essential with becoming known in the community.

Brit Cava

Brit attended the “Every Data Rockstar Needs a Stage” blogger panel at #Data15 and began blogging immediately after attending. Brit really became known in the community since her first post. She then wowed us all with her Airbnb Prices in San Francisco viz that ended up winning Viz of the Day, as well as Viz of the Week and was also listed as one of the Greatest Hits on the Tableau Public page. That’s not the only time she’s caught the eye of the Tableau Public team, she also got Viz of the Day with her tile map reviz of Dan Murray’s Data Science Degrees visualization and was recently named a Tableau Social Ambassador. Brit’s dashboard designs aren’t just beautiful, they’re quite innovative, inviting and engaging. In the wake of #Data15, Brit also joined forces with Aaron Romeo to create the Data Dare project, where the two take “dares” from the community to create innovative and exciting dashboards (check out the most recent dare). After attending the Data+Women meetup at #Data15, Brit also started a list of Data+Women bloggers. To say Brit Cava has been busy this year would be quite the understatement. I’ve really enjoyed watching Brit’s visualization evolve and her involvement in the community grow (I’m also super glad that she recently joined the Silicon Valley Slalom team!)

Becoming a Woman of Tableau: Week 1

It’s been a really great first week of doing the Women of Tableau blog series! To recap, I’ve highlighted three outstanding women within the community this week. If you happened to miss the posts, please take the time to read about Emily Kund, Jewel Loree & Bridget Cogley. Stay tuned, as I’ll continue to share many other women who have helped me and the rest of the Tableau community on Monday – Thursday of each week in March.

Fridays will be a bit different. On Friday, I’ll share how to become a Woman of Tableau. There are few women within that Tableau community & I’m very passionate about seeing that shift with the coming years. I hope these Friday post inspire you to become or stay active within this community that has completely changed my outlook on my career, my life and helping the world around me.

Start a blog.

This was a really hard first step for me. Before starting a blog, I had been using Tableau for nearly four years. I definitely knew the product very well by that time, but I was still so scared to share my views. What if I say something wrong? What if someone has already blogged about what I want to blog about? It seemed like I could come up with any excuse not to write – most of the excuses driven by fear.

One of my ultimate goals as a person is to help the people around me. I strive to be the best person I can be and with each day try to become a better version of myself. I realized that my fear was inhibiting me to help those around me. I was silenced by myself and I decided that needed to stop. I have a unique perspective, and I have to share it with the world (or at least those in the world that enjoy reading a blog about Tableau).

I encourage you to take a leap if you haven’t already. If you have – make it known. Share your posts on Twitter. Include the #TableauWomen hashtag so others know you’re posting, as well. Let’s be a community of women that encourage and inspire each other!

The Women of Tableau: Day 03

If you’re looking for an insightful & entertaining Tableau blog, you must check out the blog of the lady I’m announcing for the third day of the Women of Tableau series.


Bridget Cogley

Confession: I could spend hours on Bridget’s blog. She goes beyond walking you through the steps needed in Tableau; she takes you on a journey by captivating the audience with beautifully crafted metaphors that make the lessons forever stick with you. Plus, it will definitely whip you into “Tableau shape“. Her unique background gives her an amazing insight to visual design and best practices. She’s a true advocate & ambassador for the Tableau community. I really encourage all to read her blog and follow along – it’s sure to be educational and entertaining. Also, be sure to follow her on twitter to get a witty Tableau/Data Viz haiku.

The Women of Tableau: Day 02

It’s the second day of March; time to announce the second lady of the Women of Tableau blog series!

When I think of the Tableau community, I can’t help but think of the woman I’m announcing today. Her personality embodies what the Tableau community is all about (at least for me) – helpful, engaging, energetic & always down to have fun.


Jewel Loree

Jewel really brings the Tableau community to life. She is known to be the funniest and best-spirited individual in the industry. Her visual design and engaging #PopViz dashboards are brilliant and always entertaining. If you’re a music lover, Jewel’s vizzes will never let you down (especially this one). While it’s her job to be a Tableau Rockstar, she’s also a rockstar outside of the Tableau community. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Jewel in person at the Tableau Conference – her smile is contagious and her passion for Tableau is obvious. I mean who else would create a music video about Tableau (other than Matt Francis, of course).