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The Women of Tableau: Day 15

Katherine Rowell

Katherine is one of the leaders within the healthcare data viz space. She is the co-writer of Tableau for Healthcare and also the co-founder of HealthDataViz. She is helping spread data viz throughout the healthcare community through consulting, writing and sharing knowledge through public speaking and blogging. While her focus is within the health care industry, her blog is helpful for any industry looking to visualize their data better. You can view the public portfolio of HealthDataViz here.


Becoming a Woman of Tableau: Week 3

It’s been three weeks filled with sharing with the community the women that have inspired so many of the community. Writing each of these blogs each day has been the highlight of my day. Doing this constantly reminds me why this community is great. I’ve never been part of a community that’s so willing to help each other out. For this week’s tip, it’s all about taking advantage of the awesome community interaction.

Peer Review.

Do this. Before you publish, get someone to view your work. After you publish, continue to work on your viz based on community feedback. Twitter is an excellent resource to get people to view your work. I’ve created a network of skilled Tableau users that I feel very comfortable sending my visualizations to and making sure that I’m telling a story, I’m staying consistent throughout the viz and that it functions the way it should. Little details can be quickly overlooked but can make a huge difference in telling an impactful story. Always feel free to mention me on Twitter. I’d love to help you create the best viz you can create!

The Women of Tableau: Day 14

Erin Stevens

Erin is a key leader in the #DataPlusWomen movement we have within the community. She is constantly encouraging more women to get involved. If you’re interested in starting your own Data+Women meetup, Erin wrote a really helpful blog to help you get started. Many of Erin’s blogs are focused on the issues and triumphs of women. Erin is also very active on the Data+Women Tableau Community site. She asks thought-provoking questions and helpful links that spark conversations throughout the community.

The Women of Tableau: Day 13

Today we’re going Down Under.

Fi Gordon

Fi is such an exciting member of the Tableau community! I’ve loved following @VizChic on Twitter because she’s constantly interacting with the rest of the community and sharing excellent tips and tricks to better data storytelling. She’s also super supportive. When others post great visualizations, I usually see Fi’s response first encouraging for more. I really love that! This community is so great when it comes to encouraging others and helping each other out – Fi is like Tableau’s model citizen in my humble opinion. Fi has also been a key advocate for Data+Women in Sydney. She participated in the round-table discussion at a Sydney Data+Women event. Her recent interview with the Tableau Wannabe Podcast is one of my favorite podcasts I’ve listened to – she’s vibrant, exciting and intriguing. I can’t wait to have a drink (or two?) with Fi!

The Women of Tableau: Day 12

I’ve loved this series for so many reasons. One reason is because I’ve gotten community feedback and gotten the opportunity to virtually meet some really amazing women.

Leigh Fonseca

Chris DeMartini introduced me to Leigh’s work. Leigh & Chris & others created the 2016 Hunger Report using Tableau. You can also view the presentation Leigh & Derek Schwabe (Bread for the World) presented at the Tapestry Conference about this report.

From reading Leigh’s blog, I’ve learned two things we share in common:

1. A passion for the women+data community
2. A passion for using data for good

Leigh also owns her own company, where she trains and helps companies create meaningful stories through data. I particularly love what she says she’s commited to doing with her business:

 Leveraging over 20 years experience in technology and data, we are committed to doing Good Works with Data.  We are committed to making a difference in our world by using analytics and data visualization to raise awareness and affect change, most recently focused on ending hunger and improving access to education.

I’ve built my fair share of dashboards filled with KPIs and trends to help grow revenue for large companies, but those pale in comparison to creating visualizations that help the world be a better place. With that said, the Tableau Community is lucky to have someone as passionate to creating meaningful dashboards as Leigh is (and I can’t wait to meet you in person!)

Are you interested in getting involved with a Tableau project that could help your community? Be sure to sign up for Service Corps for the Tableau Foundation.

The Women of Tableau: Days 08-11


Fortunately, this was my view all last week.
Unfortunately, there was no wi-fi which made it very difficult to post blogs all week.
To make up for the lack of posts last week, you’re getting all the women I was supposed to announce last week 🙂

Day 08: Emily Chen

Emily’s work is REALLY great! Her eye for design and background in analytics allows her to create some really powerful visualizations. With every viz that comes from Emily, it makes me ask questions and dig into the subject even more. Emily has a knack for telling stories through data visualization. I personally love this visualization, where Emily shows the many different visualizations that can be made. I also really love this visualization Emily created to show the impact of Dr. Luke and Kesha. Emily is doing some really amazing work; I highly encourage the Tableau community to read her blog and stay tuned to the awesomeness I know she’ll continue to pour onto the community.

Day 09: Jen Vaughn

Jen is an amazing advocate and Social Ambassador for the community. I first met Jen while getting ready for the Tableau Fringe Festival. Her presentation was thoughtful and educational. I enjoy reading Jen’s blog because she keeps it direct and helpful. Jen stays very active within the community – constantly posting new visualizations to her Tableau Public page, Tableau Social Ambassador and staying on top of Tableau certifications & exams. Jen’s an excellent storyteller and advocate for the Tableau community!

Day 10: Ashley Ohmann

I was lucky to meet Ashley in the early stages of my Tableau journey. She spoke at one of the first Atlanta TUGs I attended. I immediately knew she was someone that I was going to look up to as I continued to dig deeper into all that is Tableau. Ashley is an absolutely amazing presenter and teacher. She has taught so many members of the community how to be a better storyteller. Ashley is also a leader within the Data+Women group. I don’t just look up to Ashley to learn more technical Tableau skills, she is also an excellent mentor and engaging leader within the community.

Day 11: The Women Behind Tableau


Jonathan Drummey recently introduced me to an amazing hidden website that Tableau has. is an amazing resource! In my exploration, I found some absolutely amazing women. These women are part of the research team that brings us the product that we all love and use daily. I believe these women (the whole research community, actually) is widely overlooked to the Tableau community. The researchers also release some really insightful papers that I highly recommend reading. This website has given me a sneak peek into the women behind Tableau. I personally love anything Maureen Stone releases; she scientifically explores color and writes so eloquently. The other really amazing women within the Tableau research community:

  • Anushka Anand
    focus: machine learning, graphical design
    *2015 Tableau Conference Data+Women meetup host
  • Sarah Battersby
    focus: spatial visualization, perception & cognition
  • Heidi Lam
    focus: analytic processing, evaluation methods
  • Vidya Setlur
    focus: computer graphics, mapping
  • Marianne Shaw
    focus: query optimization, graph data
  • Melanie Tory
    focus: interactive techniques, data analytics guidance & collaboration

Last but not least, the tip from last week that I constantly need to remind myself:


It’s easy to get caught up in everything, especially within this amazing community. There are so many different Tableau projects that you could get involved in – Monday Makeovers, Reviz Project, Data Dare, Data Chain Mail, Iron Viz qualifiers, just to name a few. I definitely think you should get involved if you aren’t already. However, I think rest is necessary. Rest allows us to think about how to be more innovative, to recharge our batteries a little bit and get inspired. I spent time at the beach – the laid back environment reminded me to live a simpler lifestyle. Just because your name is tied to many projects doesn’t mean you’re involved – make sure you are making an impact with whatever you decide to do.


The Women of Tableau: Day 07

If there’s one person in the Tableau community that constantly inspires others by her simply elegant designs, it has to be Kelly Martin.

Kelly Martin

Kelly is one of two women currently named as a Tableau Zen Master. My dashboard design choices completely changed after meeting Kelly’s blog and diving into her Tableau Public vizzes. Kelly has taught the community how effective design skills blended with technical analysis can lead to compelling visualizations. Kelly far surpasses the role of a data analyst; she’s a unique artist. Even outside of creating amazingly beautiful visualization, she continues to inspire others with her down-to-earth and humble approach to life.

Disclaimer: I’m enjoying myself on the beach without wifi and very little cell service (highly recommend this). The original post this week will not include links & may be more brief than past posts. I’ll edit when I return from my getaway 🙂