Inspiration for the History of the Olympics Viz (Reviz)

For me the Reviz Project is about telling an exciting story but also for me to gain some new skills along the way. I love looking at Pinterest and design blogs to get inspiration for visualizations. I found a stunning visualization about the summer Olympics:


When I first saw the infographic I had three questions:

  1. How can I recreate this in Tableau?
  2. What events are in each sport?
  3. Who won each event for a particular year?

Shortly after finding the above infographic, I saw Dash Davidson’s viz on the Summer Olympics. While the static infographic is beautiful, I had questions of my own that I wanted to answer. Using the data from Dash’s viz (with his permission 🙂 ) and staying in the spirit of Reviz, I decided to recreate the infographic in Tableau. I had general ideas on how to accomplish this from reading Chris Demartini & Bora Beran’s blogs. I ended up downloading a workbook Bora had published and completely dissected it to finally get the radial timeline working. This is what makes Tableau Public so great – downloading other vizzes, dissecting them and figuring out how you can apply it to your next viz.

Another really amazing part about the Tableau Public community is having so many people willing to peer review immediately. I reached out to some people I really admire in the community that gave me feedback & critiques for the viz. Each gave me unique changes that helped craft the story I was trying to tell and give direction to the user. If you ever need feedback, look into reaching out to your peers to get a different perspective.

For this Reviz Project I decided to borrow an idea and add to it to help answer some of the questions I had when I first looked at the visualization. How can you take an idea and add to it to answer your questions? I also made sure I got this viz peer reviewed and continue to edit based on the feedback. Make peer review a priority to make your vizzes the best they can be!

Check out my version here & feel free to continue to give me feedback 🙂







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