The Women of Tableau: Last Day

It’s been an incredible month! I’ve gotten the privilege to highlight some amazing women within the Tableau community. The ladies that I’ve spotlighted give their free time to the community – helping those who have been in the community for years and welcoming the newbies that are just getting started. Zen Masters, Social Ambassadors, Viz of the Day/Week winners, Data+Women meetup organizers – these are just some of the titles these women have added to their resume, but the titles pale in comparison to the work, love & help these women give daily to this community. Each of these women have helped mold me into a better vizzer, blogger & person. I hope you’ve been encouraged by this blog series and continue to help others!

Before I close out this blog series, I have to complete the last day with a group of men within the community. The men I’m going to list helped me craft this blog series. While I had a handful of women in my mind that I wanted to spotlight, I wanted more community involvement, specifically from well-known men in the community. I asked each one of them to email me the names of the data viz women within the Tableau community that inspired them. I was SO overwhelmed with the response. Each man listed took the time to list multiple women and the reasons why each woman specifically had an impact on their data viz journey. I was left speechless and with a long list of really amazing women.

The Data+Women movement within this community is not just a Women’s event. For diversity to really make a movement, you need both parties to interact, to chat and to encourage one another. I’m so thankful for these men. Thank you for encouraging others & making this community great.

Jeffrey Shaffer
Jonathan Drummey
Paul Banoub
Allan Walker

Matt Francis
Andy Kriebel
Peter Gilks
Nelson Davis
Matt Chambers
Rob Radburn
John Mathis

Joshua Milligan
Kevin Chaplin

Chris DeMartini
Paul Chapman
Ryan Sleeper
Robert Rouse
Adam McCann
Chris Love
Mark Jackson
James Young
Steven Carter

I wasn’t able to spotlight everyone nor was I able to ask every man in the community who inspires them. I would love to hear from the community on those that inspire you and why they inspire you. Please fill out the google form so I can share more inspirational people and stories within the community.


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