Becoming a Woman of Tableau: Week 3

It’s been three weeks filled with sharing with the community the women that have inspired so many of the community. Writing each of these blogs each day has been the highlight of my day. Doing this constantly reminds me why this community is great. I’ve never been part of a community that’s so willing to help each other out. For this week’s tip, it’s all about taking advantage of the awesome community interaction.

Peer Review.

Do this. Before you publish, get someone to view your work. After you publish, continue to work on your viz based on community feedback. Twitter is an excellent resource to get people to view your work. I’ve created a network of skilled Tableau users that I feel very comfortable sending my visualizations to and making sure that I’m telling a story, I’m staying consistent throughout the viz and that it functions the way it should. Little details can be quickly overlooked but can make a huge difference in telling an impactful story. Always feel free to mention me on Twitter. I’d love to help you create the best viz you can create!


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