The Women of Tableau: Day 12

I’ve loved this series for so many reasons. One reason is because I’ve gotten community feedback and gotten the opportunity to virtually meet some really amazing women.

Leigh Fonseca

Chris DeMartini introduced me to Leigh’s work. Leigh & Chris & others created the 2016 Hunger Report using Tableau. You can also view the presentation Leigh & Derek Schwabe (Bread for the World) presented at the Tapestry Conference about this report.

From reading Leigh’s blog, I’ve learned two things we share in common:

1. A passion for the women+data community
2. A passion for using data for good

Leigh also owns her own company, where she trains and helps companies create meaningful stories through data. I particularly love what she says she’s commited to doing with her business:

 Leveraging over 20 years experience in technology and data, we are committed to doing Good Works with Data.  We are committed to making a difference in our world by using analytics and data visualization to raise awareness and affect change, most recently focused on ending hunger and improving access to education.

I’ve built my fair share of dashboards filled with KPIs and trends to help grow revenue for large companies, but those pale in comparison to creating visualizations that help the world be a better place. With that said, the Tableau Community is lucky to have someone as passionate to creating meaningful dashboards as Leigh is (and I can’t wait to meet you in person!)

Are you interested in getting involved with a Tableau project that could help your community? Be sure to sign up for Service Corps for the Tableau Foundation.


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