Becoming a Woman of Tableau: Week 2

I have to apologize…I didn’t announce a woman yesterday.

Instead I spent most of the day prepping for Atlanta’s first Data+Women event.


It was an absolutely great start to what I hope turns into a lasting event. We had over 40 attendees (at least 5 of which were men – #HeForShe, right?!). The event started by showing the facts of the gender gap that exists in our country right now. Then, the conversations started. We had three amazing panelist:

  • Wendy Collins
    VP of BI & Analytics @ Turner
  • Christina Beyer
    Director of Events @ Women in Technology (WIT)
  • Karen Hinson
    Lead Analyst @ Chick-fil-a

I mediated the conversation – asking the panel questions. The exciting part was how interactive the audience was. Every other question led the audience to raise their hand to continue the conversation. I had planned for a small group after the panel discussion but the panel discussion ended up becoming our one large group discussion. Afterwards so many people told me they were intending to invite more of their friends & coworkers to the event. It makes me SO happy that the women (and men) in Atlanta are engaged & desiring change.

On that note, the tip of the week:

Engage in your local community.

I am the first one to say that the Tableau online community is so beyond helpful. It’s part of what Tableau such an amazing piece of software. I’m a help-in-your-backyard type of person though, and I believe there are significant benefits to not just engaging in the online community but also engaging in your local TUG, meetups, hackathons, etc. Does your local market not have a TUG set up? START ONE! Does your area not have beneficial meetups in your area? START ONE! Always wanted to do a hackathon? DO ONE! Start engaging your peers locally. Get involved or start a meetup within your own organization – be the thought leadership in your community. While I did a LOT of self-help/learning through the online Tableau community, I know that I really grew and continuously learn because of the network I’ve created in my community. Accountability from others to continue to grow and dare to be different – that’s what I hope I always have in my career and what I know continues to push me to be a better person today than I was yesterday.


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