The Women of Tableau: Day 05

It’s International Women’s Day, so I think it’s only fitting that today I announce the Tableau/Data Fashionista herself.

Anya A’Hearn

Anya is an inspiration to so many within the Tableau Community. When starting this project, I asked many men within the community who within the community inspires them. Nearly every one said Anya. The responses centered on her selfless nature and passion to help others. I’m currently working on a project with Anya for the Tableau Foundation and can attest to both of those traits. With every call I’m on with Anya, I take mental (and sometimes even physical) notes. She encourages me to be a better consultant and data viz designer with every conversation I have with her. Anya is engaged, available and entertaining at all times.

Her keen sense for design is absolutely stunning. In an interview with Dan Murray, Anya explained that she gets “most of my design cues from the art and fashion world.” The result is breath-taking. Anya engages her audience with beautifully designed visualizations that are helpful and insightful to whatever topic she is focused on.

Anya is very involved in the Tableau community. Most recently, Anya has helped educate the community on how to integrate MapBox within Tableau and was one of the women that helped spearhead the Woman+Data sessions that have been picking up steam throughout the community. I’m not sure there’s an award that Tableau gives out that Anya has not won – she’s quite the decorated Tableau user. She is a current Zen Master, past Iron Viz winner, current Iron Viz judge, Tableau Social Ambassador, Tableau Foundation member, and the list continues to grow. I’m beyond grateful that Anya has invested so much into this community – and has been that pop of pink that the Tableau Community so desperately needs.


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