The Women of Tableau: Day 04

In the recap last week, I talked about how starting a blog is really key to jumping into the Tableau Community. Today’s woman for the #TableauWomen blog series is a perfect example of how starting a blog is absolutely essential with becoming known in the community.

Brit Cava

Brit attended the “Every Data Rockstar Needs a Stage” blogger panel at #Data15 and began blogging immediately after attending. Brit really became known in the community since her first post. She then wowed us all with her Airbnb Prices in San Francisco viz that ended up winning Viz of the Day, as well as Viz of the Week and was also listed as one of the Greatest Hits on the Tableau Public page. That’s not the only time she’s caught the eye of the Tableau Public team, she also got Viz of the Day with her tile map reviz of Dan Murray’s Data Science Degrees visualization and was recently named a Tableau Social Ambassador. Brit’s dashboard designs aren’t just beautiful, they’re quite innovative, inviting and engaging. In the wake of #Data15, Brit also joined forces with Aaron Romeo to create the Data Dare project, where the two take “dares” from the community to create innovative and exciting dashboards (check out the most recent dare). After attending the Data+Women meetup at #Data15, Brit also started a list of Data+Women bloggers. To say Brit Cava has been busy this year would be quite the understatement. I’ve really enjoyed watching Brit’s visualization evolve and her involvement in the community grow (I’m also super glad that she recently joined the Silicon Valley Slalom team!)


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