The Women of Tableau: Day 03

If you’re looking for an insightful & entertaining Tableau blog, you must check out the blog of the lady I’m announcing for the third day of the Women of Tableau series.


Bridget Cogley

Confession: I could spend hours on Bridget’s blog. She goes beyond walking you through the steps needed in Tableau; she takes you on a journey by captivating the audience with beautifully crafted metaphors that make the lessons forever stick with you. Plus, it will definitely whip you into “Tableau shape“. Her unique background gives her an amazing insight to visual design and best practices. She’s a true advocate & ambassador for the Tableau community. I really encourage all to read her blog and follow along – it’s sure to be educational and entertaining. Also, be sure to follow her on twitter to get a witty Tableau/Data Viz haiku.


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