The Women of Tableau: Day 01

Fun Fact about me: I love the month of March. March owns the first day of Spring (my favorite season), my birthday, my dad’s birthday, St. Patrick’s Day and many other exciting holidays and events that I love to celebrate with family & friends. March is also Women’s History Month. Since the month of March means so much to me personally, I wanted to spend this month recognizing a group of individuals who have inspired me and the rest of a community I hold very dearly. I’m talking about the women of Tableau – these women have been instrumental in building and sustaining the Tableau community.

In the beginning to middle of February I sent out many messages to some of Tableau’s best and brightest men of the community. I had my list of really amazing women, but I wanted to know who else inspired the Tableau community. I was overwhelmed by the responses I received – these men responded with enthusiasm and depth as they shared the many women who have helped them become better viz artist.

How is this going to work? Each day I’m going to highlight a woman (or group of women) who are inspiring the Tableau community. Since today is the first day of beautiful March, I am going to announce the first of many really amazing women from this community.

While there is no particular order to my list, I have to let you know that the first woman I’m announcing is very special to me (and as I’ve found out, many others, as well). I look up to this woman not just when it comes to data viz; she’s an inspiration to SO MANY people. She continuously strives to be the best version of herself – how can you not be motivated by that?!

If you haven’t figure it out already…


Emily Kund

When I think of Emily, I think of community. Maybe it’s because she was the first Tableau Twitter friend I blindly got dinner before officially meeting in person. After having dinner with her, I understood the importance & realness of the Tableau community – people really are willing to chat about data over dinner! With everything she does, her goal is to include everyone in on the discussion. You see this with the effort she puts forth with the Tableau Wannabe Podcast, the amazing job she did starting the Tableau Fringe Festival & also helped kickstart DC’s first Women+Data meetup. She doesn’t stop there, though. She also blogs about fitness, tiny habits to realistically change your life & also isn’t one to shy away from speaking her mind. She is truly a role model for me. You should also check out her new Tableau blog series she recently started called Pop of Color.

Stay tuned for more as I continue to highlight the really amazing women we have in the Tableau community!


2 thoughts on “The Women of Tableau: Day 01

  1. Matt says:

    What a great start!!


  2. Jennifer Goode says:

    My fav woman of tableau is you! Happy March. Happy birthday month. Happy you!


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