Visualizing Wikipedia: Voting

For the first IronViz qualifier, Tableau wanted each entry to use data only gathered from Wikipedia to tell a story. In the midst of March Madness and Sports Month for Tableau Public, it seemed fitting to attempt a bracket. I wanted to tell a different story than basketball. I wanted to explore who would win this tournament if basketball had nothing to do with it…who would win if we only looked at who had the largest student population or endowment fund or campus size? These are metrics schools boast about in their website but few people know how they rank.

For a team to move on they have to have a greater value than the team they’re matched up against. Play around and see how far your team makes it in the 2015 NCAA Wikipedia Bracket Tournament. If you like what you see, use the link below to vote for me to win the Crowd Favorite. Be sure to check out the other submissions, too. The competition seems pretty tough!

Check out my viz here.

 Click on the Twitter logo to vote:

Tweet: I'm voting for #wikiAlexandria #IronViz


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